Video & Marketing : A Match Made in Heaven

We all have a tendency to respond to simple, emotional stories. We are persuaded by storytelling. In fact, everything works well through stories.
First thing, you need to keep it simple. Why ? Because the best stories share something profound and real about the human experience but do so very quietly.
There’s a lot of meaning and depth to this story but stated in simple terms. These words don’t directly give us context, but also gives a nuance that communicates the truth of our world. Cool, right ?
Simple stories also do a great job drawing on emotion as opposed to getting caught up in anything else. Although it might be genius to present a product or service in a 60-second-thriller-full-of-combat-and-epic-moves, you’re likely to lose your main point in the chaos.

So what’s your story really about ? If you can articulate that in one sentence, then you’re ready to tell a good story. You’ll soon be able to communicate with and connect with people in analogies and metaphors.

You might wonder ’Why not Use Words’ ?

Video is a visual and aural medium. Non-verbal stories do wonders for people. So many wonders, you would not believe it. This not only draws viewers in but also gets to the emotional core of a story much quicker. These share something profound about life, without the need of saying much.

If you can find a way to tell your story without words, you’ll be much more successful in persuading your audience.
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